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DnnC YouTube Library module for DnnCMS

The DnnC YouTube Library makes it a breeze to build a library of YouTube videos for you DnnCMS website.

Fully template you can customize the look and feel of the module to fit with your own website. The template editing system uses CodeMirror for code tag coloring making it easy to edit the templates and Css.

The DnnC YouTube Library makes it easy to manage your videos with ‘drag and drop’ functionality to easily change the display order of you videos.

Adding a video to your library is also very easy, just copy the YouTube video ID, paste it into the input box and click ‘Retrieve video data’ then the module does the rest, by importing all the video data including the title, description, even a thumb of the video for you. When the data is imported you can then change the information about the video easily and save!

No more copying and pasting the embed code of your YouTube videos into a Text/Html module!

Adding a video

To add a video to your library follow the below steps:

  1. Click the ‘Add new video’ or click the ‘Manage videos’ then the ‘Add new video’ button
  2. In the Video Id paste the video id from YouTubeTo get the videoId from YouTube look at the url of the video : VideoId is : Auat3FaQGGE
  3. Click the ‘Retrieve video data’ button and all the data from YouTube for this video will be imported.
  4. If you want to you can now change the title of description of the video
  5. Once you are finished editing, click the ‘Save data’ button and the video will be inseryed into your video library.

 Video Library


 Video Library popup


 Video Input setp 1

Insert step 1

 Video Input setp 2

Insert step 2

 Video management list width drag and drop

video manager list

 Template manager

template manager



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